About me
Before starting my TV career in 1998, I was a journalist and news producer with Reuters. As well as being a fully qualified journalist, I trained as a multi-skilled producer with Reuters Television in the early 90s – learning camerawork, sound and non-linear editing on AVIDs.

In 1997 I completed a Masters Degree in Television and Video Production at Bournemouth University, after which I worked for BBC Arts and then BBC Music Entertainment. I became a freelance Producer/Director in 2001.

As a freelance self-shooting Producer/Director I have worked on a wide variety of Television Programmes:

  • Police Shows

  • Car Shows

  • Property Programmes

  • Travel Programmes

  • Food Programmes

  • Observational Documentaries

  • Music Programmes and

  • Arts shows.

I specialise in capturing actuality, usually in complex and unpredictable situations that require specialist access – either working alone or with an Assistant Producer or Sound Recordist. I am confident directing crews when required, as well as studio directing and edit producing.

I am able to edit to a very high standard on Final Cut Pro, though I would not go as far as to say that I am an editor. As a fully-trained journalist, I have good writing and research skills – which means that I am able to produce stories and scripts alone where required. Please click to download my latest CV